Put on a fake or false personality; not keeping it real.
Don't front.
by thug4life September 29, 2002
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The act of acting like you are somebody else.

To think and act like you are a badass when you are not.

To get in somebody's face.
"Don't front motherfucker!"
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
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something that covers up a mafia family's real "business"
in the "godfather" movie, the corleone family's front is an olive oil business
by clevelandsteamer September 5, 2005
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1. Used as mentioned above to advance someone drugs to sell.

2. To advance somone money.

3. To buy something for someone with anticipation of being paid back.
1. he fronted me a "dubbie" to flip

2. Yo T-bone, front me some cash so I can buy this, yo.

3. hey man, do you think you can front for me and pick those rims up?
by wastinmoola January 25, 2004
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Pretend; Lie; More talk than action; Falsely represent.
Quit frontin' like your down when your really not.
by 2Famous October 14, 2006
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1. (v) To pretend you are someone you are not

2. (n) The act of frontin
1. Why you acting like that? Don't front.

2. We're in the front.
by QZkotL April 9, 2003
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To advance someone drugs until they can pay you back.
"hey dawg, can you front me a 20 sack or not?"
by violet December 8, 2003
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