A word used to show that whatever you did no matter how gay isn't gay as long as you say no homo.
Jalan: Mark imma kiss you but no homo tho.
Mark: Ooh i thought u was on that gay shit.
Jalan: Na cuz that's that gay shit.
Jalan: i kissed u last night tho.
Mark: Ayooo u gay.
Jalan: but no homo tho.
Mark: Ooh i thought u was on that gay shit.
by Machoxzync November 15, 2019

No Homo is the magic phrase men utter when undertaking task that are gay, so that they may ward it off.
When a man sucks his homies dick, he must always say no homo, or both will become third level mega gay.
I once got sucked off by my homie and he forgot to say it. We now have two kids.
It’s pretty gay.
Bro 1: Yo bro, goodnight
Bro 2: Night bro, (kisses forehead)
Bro 1: Bro!
Bro 2: No homo.
Bro 1: Aight bro.
by Big Noot April 11, 2019
A term used by many men after every sentence so everyone knows they're straight
That guy's hot. No homo
by Thememelord123 September 8, 2017
A word used as a “Get out of jail free card” after saying the gayest shit in humanity
I will suck you, no homo though”
by xX_Boss_Xx February 1, 2018
If you doing something gay and someone points it out you can say no homo and your not gay anymore
Mitch: no homo😏
Kevin: oh, ok
Mitch: *continues to spank Kevin's ass*
by MemeGod1010 March 16, 2020
You can say no homo and you can slap dicks with people
I fucked your dad last night but we said no homo so it fine
by Notgayguy97 March 29, 2019