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An illiterate idiot's way of spelling "fucking." People who spell it like this are also prone to writing "your" instead of "you're"
Your so fucken stupid.
by mischh April 19, 2010
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To define an object that is FUCKEN good or bad.
That Fucken job sucks. Shes a fucken bitch. He is a fucken asshole. This fucken example sucks.
by Da booty slang man April 03, 2006
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childish spelling for the adjectival/adverbial intensive "fucking"

Easy way to identify you're chatting with an illiterate &/or child.

Can also be used as a space filler (instead of "umm..." or "err...")
normal: Debbie is so fuckin' FINE!
ankie: Debbie is so fucken phyne!

normal: I was fuckin' late so I took the fucking bus.
ankie: I was fucken late so I took the fucken bus.

normal: I'm not doing well in Math class.
ankie: So, I'm fucken like fucken failing fucken math, you fucken know?

by cyberpope67,BC,Canada January 05, 2008
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used by hessians as a space-filler in descriptive storytelling.
"So, fucken, I'm all gettin' ready to burn one in the back seat of mario's omega, and, fucken, all of a sudden the fuckin' cops fuckin' pull us over."
by heehan August 29, 2006
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(v.) To render something/someone fucked. The alternative "to fuck", as in, "I'm going to fuck this person" is easily confused as being a sexual reference, whereas "I'm going to fucken this person" is easier to understand as it can only have one meaning.
"I have thoroughly fuckened this meat. Now let's make some burgers."
by F.Z. April 24, 2010
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To get or be fucked in a non-sexual way, but especially by something that is completely out of a person's control
"Man, I really had the fuckens put on me there bro!"

"Damn, that judge really slapped the fuckens on me..."
by {KAI}Cannon May 03, 2006
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