yeah, sarah gave me a blowy the other night, man she can suck the hed off a hammer...
by krakers February 13, 2005
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a blowy is a word used to discribe giving head but fucking hell it is a good word to use usually spelt ''blowie''
fucking hell i got a blowy on friday
yeah yesturday i had a blowy day but not a blowy your lucky
go tell some cunt who gives a toss cause if you think i do you can stick that up your jacksie and blow me
nooooo i didn't mean it like that
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
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A synonym for sucky or crappy.
We have 5 exams in one week, it's really blowy.
by cookiemonster5 January 15, 2010
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A girl from the GTA region who gives out shitty bjs and catches feelings real quick. if you have a pen15 and you meet blowy, she will probably fall in love with you right away!
bao bao liu: Yo archie baby, i think i just fell in love with this next mandem that i just met
archie baby: hoooooyaaaaa, say worddd shordieee. why you moving like a blowy?
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To give a guy Head/Blowjob. Slang word for blowjob really.
"Can i have a blowie?"
by Miss Parker March 8, 2005
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Anna gives free blowies, i wanted a blowie so i told anna dont talk just blow, she is giving free blowies tonight
by pembrokeanna March 6, 2010
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