a classic recreational activity that involves sliding down a snowy or icy hill on a low friction board, tube, plank, or other creative sliding device.
in the winter, children often go sledding down snowy hills. hopefully without crashing into trees.
by viking ice princess July 03, 2011
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A sex position where one partner lays on their back while the other partner rides them down the hill.
Me: This girl asked me to go sledding the other day
Bro: is that a sex position?
mE: it is now lol
by djnight January 18, 2011
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A pair of dress loafers typically worn by men and women financiers.
Wearing my lucky Gucci sleds to seal this M&A deal.
by LeveredUp February 01, 2018
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Your ride, vehicle, conveyance, autovoiture. Could be a car, truck, motorcycle, whatever.
Shit, that is one fine sled you drivin'
by Dr. Badwrench January 06, 2007
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what people who snowmobile call a snowmobile
man that new sled from psi pumps out 220!
by head_mad_trix November 14, 2005
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its where your fucking a girl in the ass on the staircase. when the time is right you kick her legs out from her and hold on to her pigtails and ride all the way down.
i rode the sled at seaworld.
by dingleberry March 28, 2005
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