The simple yet incredibly satisfactory act of walking round the block. It is the perfect thing to do when bored, and stimulates conversation, friendship and oddly also spontaneous dragon-baby abduction.
The fundamental rule of blocking is: do not retrace your steps!
Blocking also highly condemns the wearing of yellow socks.
Blocker 1: dude im bored.
Blocker 2: wanna go for a block?
Blocker 1: hell no your wearing yellow socks
R.i.P blocker 2
thats blocking
by mentalgeorge September 16, 2012
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The act of walking "around the block" without retracing your footsteps and always finishing where you started. You may only block where there is a path or a street so most people practice it in urban areas. Also, no blocker may ever wear yellow socks!
Let's go blocking.
by hairballfuzz September 16, 2012
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In theatre, it is the act of setting the exact motions of each character in a scene and/or act. This occurs during rehearsal.
We still need to do the blacking for scene 2.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
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when one dude prevents another dude from gettin an easy girl, or blocking a player while hes using a flow to get a hot girl, mostly for one night stands, but rarely for relationships. also known as c0ck blocking
my man get back!ma dude u blocking!
by cmoney0789 May 11, 2006
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In the hood, when there's nobody outside.
Brisco: Hey Tyrone, y'all still hoopin today?
Tyrone: Nah man, its No block.
by Bama Slunn November 12, 2018
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