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A pair of dress loafers typically worn by men and women financiers.
Wearing my lucky Gucci sleds to seal this M&A deal.
by LeveredUp February 01, 2018
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Your ride, vehicle, conveyance, autovoiture. Could be a car, truck, motorcycle, whatever.
Shit, that is one fine sled you drivin'
by Dr. Badwrench January 06, 2007
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what people who snowmobile call a snowmobile
man that new sled from psi pumps out 220!
by head_mad_trix November 14, 2005
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Used to describe fat chicks. Think blocking sleds from football practice.
We were looking for some ass at the bar, but all we saw were some sleds.
by No sleds November 01, 2007
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When Doing a Girl Doggie Style Onto Of Some Stairs, Then Knock Her Arms Out From Under Her Before You Skeet, Then Ride Her Down The Stairs
Man That Sled Ride Was HYPE!!!!
by YoUnG oNe October 02, 2004
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