Primarily used by people in the High Desert, California area (Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia-- between L.A. and Las Vegas), in reference to going down the Cajon Pass to the major cities of Southern California.
"We're going shopping down the hill." or "It's rainy down the hill today."
by Mike June 17, 2004
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A super ghetto section of East Baltimore bounded roughly by Monument to the south, Central to the West, North Ave to the North, and Patterson Park to the East. Anyone who claims it refers to anywhere in Jersey... ya'll ain't start using that slang till B-more Club came up ya way.
Baltimore Club song: Down the hill. Down the hill. Down the hill. Down the hill. Down the hill
by nicholaaaas November 23, 2011
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From New Jersey. The lower part of West Orange, NJ. The rougher and cooler neighborhood.
Down the hill kids can kick the shit out of up the hill kids.

Down the hill is where you want to be from, not where you want to live.
by Dan A. August 20, 2004
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Another word for Newark bka the brikz in new jersey. when you go into newark u go down the big ass hill n ppl jus started using the slang
-yo where Jeff at?
-hes down the hill
- oo true
by notorious0ne August 2, 2006
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A term used by those who live in the foothills of Colorado when referring to travelling into the city (i.e. Denver, Lakewood, etc.)
"Yeah, I'm going down the hill tomorrow to pick up some stuff from Target."
by little mister sunshine November 15, 2018
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"Down The Hill" (DTH), is an upcoming rock band from Apple Valley, California. The band consists of Jacob (guitar/vocalist), Matthew (bass/vocalist) and Elizabeth (drums). Formed in 2009, the band is currently writing and recording demos for their first full-length album, which is planned to be released sometime next year.


The name is coined from the popular term used by Californians.
Bob: Did you see Down The Hill playing last night?
Jeo: Aren't they recording right now?
by HDbuzz January 13, 2010
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Eastside of Baltimore City, Maryland...
Streets South of North Ave. but North
of Lower Highlandtown-Canton area. This area is the
most crime plagued area in Bmore City.
Black: "Yo, where u from!"

Ty:"Down Da Hill yo."

by mitsubishi trav February 16, 2008
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