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A title bestowed upon one who is drunk and passed out on the floor, like they are piloting the carpet.
Shit, man! You were Captain of the Carpet Ship last night.
by Dr. Badwrench September 21, 2006
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Short for Evolution, a series of Harley-Davidson engines. The "big twin" Evo replaced the Shovelhead in 1984, replaced by the Twin Cam in 1999. The Evo Sportster or XL replaced the Ironhead in 1986 and is still in production, albeit in a rubber-mount format.
Stock Evo big twins have an 80-inch displacement.

by Dr. Badwrench March 02, 2008
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Du day uh da berf uh Jeebus
Merry Crimmus

I's got me a Escalade wit' Dubs fo' Crimmus
by Dr. Badwrench December 07, 2007
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A Jerry Garcia look-alike. Doesn't have to be grey-haired and bearded, but from any era of Jerry.
I saw a false Jerry at the market, but he was like '66 Jerry, with big muttonchops.
by Dr. Badwrench May 26, 2008
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A large, long-barreled, high-power handgun, preferably a revolver. From the comic book Preacher where the villain, Starr gets his junk bitten off by a trained Rottweiler and compensates with an obsession with large handguns. He stands in front of the mirror, holding his gun at groin level, saying "doom cock".
Doom cock.

That .500 S&W is a fucking doom cock.
Here's where Dirty Harry pulls his doom cock.
by Dr. Badwrench April 05, 2008
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A fictitious or unknown auto part.

Well, your franistan housing is cracked. We're looking at about $1500 total, parts and labor.

by Dr. Badwrench June 16, 2007
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