Beeper Code use to mean Second to Noone
you would page someone with your number and *220 added to the end.
by Asynaka November 07, 2006
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Someone who is extremely hot. Nice body, butt, boobs, and etc. They are so hot you take a double look.
by Sweetkrissypoo July 27, 2009
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*Second to none*

Expression of an Individuals Worth being unmatched by any other
by Davesnothereman2792 October 09, 2020
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Refers to footnote 220 of the Starr Report, where it was disclosed that Monica Lewinsky gave Bill Clinton a rim job. Also called footnote 220.
Man, it was great, I laid back and she gave me a 220.
by WT April 12, 2006
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Slang for the Canadian public intoxication fine. The fine is of $220, and can substitute for the fine. Can also be used if you are walking someone where intoxicated.
"Stop chasing those children Mike! You're gonna get a 220!"

"Our sober drive home just bailed on us. Wanna 220 it back to my place later?"
by TangClock April 27, 2010
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Big guy bikes day. A day celebrating larger cyclists that weigh around 220 lbs.
It's #220, time to go ride hard and have a beer.
by T cycles January 27, 2016
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Error 220, which was named Error 219 before it, is the name of a computer virus in the Regular Show episode "Skips vs. Technology".
Techmo: This is the worst error 220 I've ever seen. I've got no choice - I'm jacking in.
Skips: Are you sure we just can't smash it?
Mordecai: Skips! Just let him do his thing!
Skips: Alright.
by theunknownuser January 05, 2013
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