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(adj) skee-ter-ing, skee-ter-ed; To proclaim great falsehoods, the act of assuming the character or appearance of, especially if fraudulently.
Man, this guy Fred Bornes is skeetering the hell out of us!
by Kevindoh April 01, 2007
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The act of giving or receiving oral sex whilst riding a scooter.
I had a rough day at work so went I got home, I grabbed my bitch and we went for a quick ride on my scooter where I started skeetering around the bloc.
by WithDaggersNY May 18, 2011
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When a dueshbag is sitting with a group of friends, and everyone is talking to each other and theres the one person who when they are so into thier phone, that they seem to ignore any questions and then respond 5 mins later to something totally different than they were just asked.
I was talking to Ron at the party, but he was skeetering so much that he didnt even know i was talking to him
by jageerox September 12, 2015
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