Expression meaning "Great observation." Used to commend someone after they notice a particularly subtle yet important thing or detail.

(Eye is used as a noun, but refers to the observation, not the organ.)
Walter: Wow, I never would've realized that these were birth control pills - good eye, Mom!

by Greg B. April 4, 2008
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An expression commonly used in softball as a complement for a batter who correctly avoids batting when the pitcher throws a “ball” instead of a potential “strike”.
Rob: **avoids hitting a “ball” in a softball game**
Mary: **yelling from the stands** GOOD EYE ROBBY! GOOD EYE!!!
by OffBeatDrummer May 7, 2022
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good1= a word or phrase used in a sarcasic term when telling sum they r crap at something in a 'good'-sarcasic way
'oh good one ey, thats really really good!'
by Dentals123 October 6, 2004
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don't go down there, good old one eye is angry. When he gets agitated he sneezes love snot upon thee.
by good old one eye January 7, 2005
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A pissed-off form of ending a relationship with a high school girlfriend by squirting sperm on her forehead while she is sleeping.
I let her know it was over with The good bye third eye.
by 71-JackHammer February 15, 2007
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