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in person , in propria persona
They never expected to meet the governer right there in the flesh.
by Light Joker July 18, 2005
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an astonishing news story that is revealed without warning
in light of the bombshell, the school sent the students home.
by Light Joker December 2, 2006
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a woman's breasts(see also boobs tits)
Her melons are so big, it's scary.
by Light Joker July 17, 2005
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A series of videogames where the main character wields bombs. Originally you fought other characters, However these days you have an adventure mode.
The adventure mode of bomberman is improving in terms of it's graphics.
by Light Joker August 17, 2004
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food that has too much fat(among other things) and bears little nutritional value
Lay off the junk food already. It's not like it's going to do anything good.
by Light Joker May 1, 2005
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a lot of something (from a misspelling of the French word beaucup, meaning many)
I have boku problems on hand.
by Light Joker December 22, 2006
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