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a symbol made from punctuation marks, used to denote emotion
Why do you need to use emoticons? Don't you know that we can tell you a thinking by what you write?
by Light Joker January 15, 2006
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a specific request or plea to do something
Bringing your video games to school is an engraved invitation for trouble.
by Light Joker May 4, 2006
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A legendary fire type beast pokemon. Like Raikou and Suicune, it never stays in one place for long. In the third pokemon movie, Entei posessed the power to speak to humans (just like Mewtwo in the first pokemon movie and Lugia in the second pokemon movie).
When Entie made it's debut,it was tied for first place fire pokemon with Arcanine.
by Light Joker June 19, 2004
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He planned to erase them first.
by Light Joker June 6, 2005
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1. someone from or living in a european country

2. european
That euro beat is most annoying music ever.
by Light Joker April 3, 2006
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liquor(the term is incroporated into a suggestion that the evidence can be destroyed by drinking it)
How did that punk get ahold of my evidence?
by Light Joker April 26, 2006
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one's former wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, etc
She went to the Prom with her ex.
by Light Joker July 26, 2005
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