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one who is in thier teens. I should know I am 16.
I am a Teenager and a generally honest one at that.
by Light Joker May 18, 2004
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His wife was not too proud of her reputation for ball-busting.
by Light Joker August 30, 2005
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Don't be such a penny pincher, donate some of your money to charity.
by Light Joker July 5, 2005
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1. an error

2. an embarrassing error that has to be removed from the show or movie.
Many videos and DVDs allow you to view the bloopers that were removed when the movie was made.
by Light Joker June 7, 2005
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She was very offended when her best friend's father called her a dyke.
by Light Joker September 19, 2004
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