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Slang for heroin back in the 60's and 70's. Mostly used to be able to talk about the drug in public or on the phone. "Hey, if I come over is hank going to be there?"
by NorcalLuv December 14, 2012
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Back in the Golden Ages, Hank was a relatively strong person. He was able to chop down trees in one Mighty blow. After idoling his ability, the word Hank was created. It can be used in many different situations, such as compliments, definition of strength, etc, etc. If you can use it, it can be done. Verb, noun, plural function, Conjuncted monkey scratcher, whatever.
1. Dude, you're so hankin.
2. See that guy who punched the little Mexican? He's hankin. <--- That would be a strength term.
3. I just hanked my mom in the face. <---I honestly have no clue, but it works anywhere.
by SuRReaL August 02, 2004
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always has a GIANT penis! but isn't a douche, very loving, GREAT kisser, nice, cool, and can totally PARTYY, and is hilarious and can always lightin the mood.
"dude hank is the coolest kid EVER"!
"damn i wish i was like hank".
by browder July 03, 2011
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Hank is a spherical mass of ice and rock visible from earth only through a telescope. Appropriately 1/5 the size of the Earth's moon, Hank was considered the 9th planet in our solar system until recently when it was announced that Hank is in fact just something out there orbiting in the distance.
by GiraffeLove January 26, 2013
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A way to describe something awesome or cool. This word is called such as a tribute to Tom Hanks and his coolness.
Dude, that car was hanks!

The movie was pretty hanks, huh? Yeah...
by w3bd3s1gn3r November 03, 2008
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A measurement of beef, weighing about two and a half pounds.
Maria: What's your name?
Hank: Hank.
Maria: Like a hank of beef?

Customer: I'd like some roast beef?
Butcher: How many hanks?
Customer: Well, I'm going to have three people for dinner, think one hank will be enough?
Butcher: I'd get two hanks to be safe, or at least one and a half hanks
by telyourmomhi July 13, 2009
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