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A sound pronouced 'Guh-EEEE" while doing physical activity.
It is a loud deep sound used to scare kids and small animals. Believed to be the sound made by the mythical man-crab,
Sneaking up behind dog: " GEeee!!!! Geeee, Boi!"

Dog: "YELP!!!"
by nitz June 16, 2008
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Common sound made in horror movies, such as the famous shower-knife scene. Creepy. When someone around here is freaked out by something they refer to it as a "reek reek"
That girl is a stalker or something straight from a horror movie. She is totally reek reek. Stay away from her, dude.
by nitz January 17, 2006
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an exclamtion of disgust to an absurd situation
what the fuck were you thinkin? that's rigoddamndiculous!
by nitz January 28, 2004
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past the prime; faded or aged
heroine is so passe, weed is the way to go
by nitz January 22, 2004
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In King of the Hill, Dale Gribble's way of say "victory", "woo-hoo", "take-that" etc.
"We did it!"
by nitz April 22, 2005
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Gook1: Wing wong ching chong scrotilla!!!!
Gook2: Scrotilla chong ching wong wing!
American: Hells yeah! Godzilla has a MASSIVE ball sac!
by nitz December 30, 2005
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an overweigh, irrate, fat nigger bitch
"Cracka, you best watch out, spookzilla gonna be all up in your grill she catches you wearing that sheet!"
by nitz December 30, 2005
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