23 definitions by nitz

A peron that looks likes a grey (those big head aliens), very skinny, with a huge triangular head. Has lack of human common sense.
Jason is such a Lutherite. He should go back to Mars.
by nitz April 22, 2005
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Mythical Part man, part-crab...possibly a man with crabs...scratches alot in private areas, obsessed with Chachi, acting like it's cracked-out, and makes a noise "geeee."

See also: James Smith (legend of the Man-Crab)
Man Crab: "Hey Sexy Dave...GEeeeeee." "I'm the best Wal-Mart unloader there ever was, boi!"

Dave: AHHHHHH! Man-Crab! Call Batman!
by nitz June 17, 2008
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The best of the best, sexy of the sexy, above the rest.
"That shit is the manote!"
by nitz August 31, 2003
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past the prime; faded or aged
heroine is so passe, weed is the way to go
by nitz January 21, 2004
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A sound made by the Great Cornholio, when he is victorious in his quest for rolios, or when he is trying to scare kids out of thier rolios.
"AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh. heh. heh. Pretty Cool."
by nitz April 22, 2005
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According to one Homer Simpson, a form of entertainment in which a bear wears a fez and drives a small car. (complete with big top music.)
"Do-do-do-do, da-da-do-do-do-do, Da duh da duh, da duh da duh"
by nitz April 25, 2005
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