A synonym for "please", used almost exclusively by Craigslist scammers.
Kindly get back to me about the shipment of the item and then I will pay you.
by Kgor93 November 11, 2015
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Indian English for "please reply". Recurring nightmare of sysadmins and ITs dealing with Indians. Usually combined with other indianisms such as do the needful, causing a violent urge to facepalm among native English speakers. May also cause workflow disruption when the topic is about a commit.
Customer: "Dear Mr. Phelps, I have a doubt about the updation. Kindly revert."
by HomuSaya November 25, 2017
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1.to show an inclination to accept or approve
2.be pleased by
He doesn't take kindly to people telling him how to run his business.
by Hamid2547 August 12, 2011
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a different way of sayin thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
mate: ive got u an oz of green
me: y thankya kindly pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jewish soviet December 14, 2009
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a pogger youtuber who makes baldi's basics mods and mobile game content
Person 1: I was watching kindly keyin and forgot to do my homework.
Person 2: Oh he's that pog youtuber?
Person 1: Ye.
by justagame December 10, 2021
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The 'kind' is known for extremely excellent, if not the best, marijuana. So the 'kindliest' (the best) of 'kindliness' (awesome marijuana). The best of awesome marijuana.
I just went to one of the dispensaries and bought the (kindliest of kindliness).
by RSA12357 March 4, 2016
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mind control word from teh popular game Bioshock.
if you havent played bioshock, its basically a phrase
"Atlas" or fontaine says that makes the main player
do what he asks, disguised as a way of saying please.

would you kindly 1up this?
after the first 15 times of atlas saying would you kindly
i knew there was something more behind that phrase.

*later in the game*

by BE_PREPARED! September 22, 2007
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