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1. Though thought to be blue, Skeeter Valentine was indeed black. The only man who could beat box, brake dance, and wear MC Hammer pants in a cartoon show through the early - mid 90's. The only other blue-violet colored person on the show, "Bee Bee", was Skeeter's girlfriend at a point, and she was so black she was purple, thus making her Haitian.

2. One who ejaqulates.
Doug: Man I don't know how to dance.
Skeeter: Let me show you Doug *dances*
Doug: Am I doing it right now?
Skeeter: Nope. HEH HEH!
Doug: Why can you dance and I can't?
Skeeter: Because I'm black.
by Kadafi January 31, 2005
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Steelers fans do not bandwagon. They have loyalty to their favorite franchise. We went 15-1 this year and I will be a fan if they go 1-15 next year. Steelers fans go to work from their factories or wherever they work in Western PA and like to come home, drink a beer and watch the Stillers. The only real haters should be the Cowboys fans, who are just sour over the 70's dominance. Everybody else has no good reason and have no knowledge of the legendary franchise.
The Steelers are 4/5 in their SuperBowl appearances and are the greatest NFL dynasty ever.
by Kadafi February 02, 2005
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Will Smith's Uncle on the television series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Also has an extreme obsession for turkey, pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes, butter drenched dressing, tiny onions, and cream sauce.
Uncle Phil: Oh my God... turkey. With... PILLOWY mounds of mashed po-taytoes. Butter drenched dressing. TINY ONIONS... swimming in a sea of cream sauce. Ahhh...
by Kadafi March 17, 2008
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1. A can of curve-shaped potato chips that come in an aluminum can.
2. Rumored to be the same size of Shaq's penis.
1. Oh man, those BBQ pringles hit the spot!
2. I heard Shaq's thing is the size of a pringle can.
by Kadafi September 09, 2005
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A male's kidney stone.
That man pearl is huge! You should have it set in a ring.
by kadafi May 07, 2015
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Has the largest penis on earth.
Shaq is on the list.
by Kadafi January 15, 2005
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A man who somehow has pattens on every word ending in the letter "Y" or sounding like it ends in the letter "Y".
Penetentiaries is packed with promise makers

Ride on our enemies

Hail Mary run quick see
by Kadafi February 02, 2005
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