The non-compulsory final two years of secondary school, in which students usually prepare for their A-levels; often to move on to uni.
"I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life so stayed on in sixth form."
by Damian Chamberlain October 6, 2006
a boring waste of life thats even worse than school
dave: i go to sixth form
sam: poor you
by whyamialivelol February 15, 2021
A college for children of dissapointed parents
“Oh your son is going to Solihull Sixth Form?” Did they not do well at GCSE?”
by quickmaths November 20, 2017
Where all the cool cats go, a small building bursting with cool people.
Guy 1: Look at that girl, she's mega hot
Guy 2: She must be a Havering Sixth Form chick
by hsfchick October 8, 2011
Audenshaw Sixth Form is a protectorate of Audenshaw School. It was annexed in 1997 and has been under the rule of the Governor Robert Tadman for a large majority of this. Used mainly as a penal establishment it is protected by the 21st Prefect Division who are temporarily without their fearles leader. Inmates can leave but only on parole and often return on a daily basis. It has recently come under scrutiny from Her Majesty's Government due to it being a breeding ground for a strange life form known only as Scallius Burberrius, a hybrid of human and grandad clothing.
Welcome to Audenshaw Sixth Form - You'll Never Leave
by Stiggers February 26, 2004
A college known widely across the UK for it's harbouring of paedophiles and that one fat purple girl
"Yo, what college you go to?" "aw mate i go to richmond sixth form" "Ain't that the one with bare pedos?"
by Got bare definition February 24, 2016
This college is for all the dead tings in east London + all the slags. it’s full of set 8s eho open their pussy for every mandem they see!!
by shush don’t worry November 28, 2021