when used in comparison, worse means not as good as...
A: my hair is terrible
B: m hair is worse
by fooooxxy August 8, 2005
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After the dust had settled on the brief, turbulent era of Boston's A POOR EXCUSE, front man Mike pursued a career in the pro wrestling circuit, spilling his blood in the ring instead of at shows for a change. But the hardcore punk scene pulled him back and with the help of A Poor Excuse's original drummer Brian , they formed FOR THE WORSE, taking the no bullshit punk element of A.P.E. and combining it with an element of speedy hardcore with a touch of metal riffs courteousy of Dominic on guitar. They've gone through two member changes since the beginning but are playing more shows than ever. The current lineup features Gary on 2nd guitar and Joe on bass. "Blood, Guts, Going Nuts" has long since been a credo of the band and it's only fitting that their new album, their best yet, has that for a title.
For The Worse is vintage Boston Hardcore. Over and done with before you can pick your head up off the floor .
by BILLchaos January 2, 2008
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It’s a question you ask when someone’s breath is sucker punching you in face every time they breath or talk. You ask the question and add a witty example at the end. You want to hear what they have to say but from across the room.

The answer is usually yes.
Tim:Did you talk to Joe today? If not watch out.

Mike: Why Is it worse then...? A dead possum that just ate a pound of Indian food.
by TexasUtahIdaho March 24, 2011
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I would not buy that car, because it looks a bit worse for wear.

I would have tapped that, but she looked a little worse for wear.
by Digilla March 2, 2012
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"After several years of war, the people were in the streets, demanding peace and bread. Then came Lenin. And then it got worse."
by anuncertainsomeone December 10, 2020
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Can be used in one of two instances

1. When it would be literally impossible for things to get any worse.


2. When things are bad, but not as bad as possible. If used in this way, things are bound to get much worse.

"My house burned to the ground, my wife divorced me taking everything I could salvage from the fire, and I was hit by a truck on my way to the courthouse." said Bob.
"It could be worse" responded Joe.

"Great, someone stole my car and I have to walk to work!" exclaimed Sam.
"It could be worse" responded Sue.
Upon saying this, the clouds became a dark gray followed by torrential downpours for the rest of the day.
by Mr. Unicorn November 21, 2010
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