someone who is a complete shitbag and doesnt deserve to share the same air as normal people
That kid is a freaking waste of life
by mark March 30, 2004
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An aging old geek who sits in his moms basement all day and jerks around on the internet. A Sad sorry bitter specimen of a human being whos angry at the world and hates himself. Also a government cheese eating moocher piece of shit who cant pull his own weight or contribute to society. Lives a meaningless miserable devoid life.
That Mike Rehmeyer sure is a waste of life.
by Lmao.. February 4, 2008
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Someone who just plain sucks at life and doesn't deserve to live
"wow Christian is a waste of life"

"Yea he is, and so is his friend Mike"
by MuffinZ_TEH_hottest July 11, 2008
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A person who routinely proves that he/she serves no purpose in society. Generally carry themselves with a sense that they are the hottest shit on planet earth and are incapable of being wrong on any manner. This term can often be applied to celebrities, entertainers, artists and subjects of news stories who recieve accolades for no apparent reason. When critisized will often resort to "pouting" and "acting like a little bitch". Can generally be summed up as a waste of precious oxygen.
That guy is a toxic waste of life.
by rocky skyline November 2, 2009
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Getting shit-faced on a Wednesday due to drink specials at numerous bars even though you know you have responsibilities like work or school the next day.
I know I have class tomorrow, but it's $2 Margarita night. I love Waste-of-Life Wednesdays!
by Alisha Boom Boom February 10, 2010
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