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do well, done well

When things go to plan, getting hold of a fit bird, taking copius amouts of drugs in a night and still being ready for the following night, going Ibiza, dressing smart, recieving a uncommon sex act (eg. orgies), earning good money. Basically anything, this is a multi-purpose word that can be used whenever you want. This can also be used sarcasticly as a reference to someone who is not doing well, as long as u refer to mishap in the same sentence. eg. You do well for fat birds.
"me and my mates do well" " Matey just had a threesome with sisters, he doing well" "Tonights gonna be a cranker, we'll do well"
by crasherbigfoot February 4, 2010
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A financially successful geek.
He was thought to be the loser of his graduation class, but now this nerd-do-well could easily buy the figgin' school.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ August 13, 2009
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A hooligan, if you will. Someone who is a little shitty fucker, full of mischief.
That fucking ne'er-do-well did a donut on my lawn!
by MichaelTodd December 29, 2004
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someone up to no good, a lazy person, a douche.
My ex-girlfriend, the douche-bag, thought I was a N'er do well. But, that's ok, cause she's a cunt-rag.
by jdmccallen March 11, 2008
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millione’er-do-well (mil yun aer do well) NOUN. A rich criminal. From “millionaire” and “ne’er-do -well.”
America hasn't executed a millionaire since Juan Garza, in 2001, and he was a major drug kingpin and murderer. Phil Spector, O.J. Simpson and John du Pont all committed premeditated murder, so why aren't they on death row? They are millione’er-do-wells. They had been paranoid, hyper aggressive assholes for years, but their money protected them.
by Maxhole June 21, 2009
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a rogue, vagrant or vagabond without means of support; a good-for-nothing louse.
Owned at that time by Corellian smuggler, rogue and ultimate galactic hero Han Solo, she had previously belonged to fellow ne'er-do-well Lando Calrissian.
by mcglynnship September 10, 2018
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