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Used a lot of the time along with Guy 1
Guy 1: Hello Guy 2
Guy 2: Hello Guy 1
by NyanMinecrafter December 22, 2017
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Another creature of the dark. It is typically spotted interacting with the Guy 1, Guy 3, or even the Guy 4.
Guy 1: greetings fellow guy
Guy 2: You have to talk like a normal human, remember?
Guy 1: Oops, sorry guy 2.
by Sammy Blueberry the Weirdo February 19, 2021
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The second guy, usually relating to a story that involves the teller who doesn't want anyone to know about a problem.
John said, "Ok, well there's this friend of mine, I don't wanna say his name, let's just say he's guy one. So he does this other guy, 'Guy 2' at a party and now Guy 1 might think he might be gay."

Everyone stares blankly...
by Lord BentoR April 15, 2003
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A character used by urban dictionary to reenact a sentence. Guy2 is almost always paired up guy1 and rarely guy3.
Guy1: (insert text)

Guy2: (insert text)
by real human person November 30, 2020
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