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please francis, stop
asking what i’m
doing, i just told you i’m milf’
by vacuum cleaner 123 March 22, 2021
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Big Phil is the best headteacher HCC has ever had and ever will have, he is an icon
“hey have you seen big phil today?”
“yeah i did, he’s on playground duty, what an amazing man”
by vacuum cleaner 123 June 11, 2021
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A pretty alright sixth form located in the chav-populated town of Hailsham.
The only real downside is baning into tiny year 7 cretins in the corridor they think they're proper solid now so watch out incase a 4'3 child tries to deck you on your way to lesson.
Big up HCC
John; 'Where do you go Sarah?'
Sarah: 'Hailsham Sixth Form'
John: 'Yikes'
Sarah: 'Shut up John you go to fucking Eastbourne'
by vacuum cleaner 123 November 02, 2021
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