1. Shortening of the word "University" (=College)

"I'm got classes at uni this afternoon"

2. A prefix derived from latin meaning "one" or "single"
"A unicycle only has one wheel"
by JJaust September 13, 2006
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How the Japanese refer to sea urchin roe.
Iron Chefs use uni in pretty much every other battle.
by edk September 27, 2005
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Get your uni...we gotta game.
by Calo November 1, 2003
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1. university (noun)
2. prefix meaning "one"
3. a unicycle (noun)
1. I'm going to uni today
2. a unicellular organism
3. wait till I get my 20" uni!
by seabear November 10, 2007
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1. n. A high school in san diego that is home to the bitchiest/sluttiest/trashiest girls and most douche-bag resemblent guys on the planet.
2. adj. Refers to someone who exudes the attitude and bitchiness of a Uni student.
1. That girl is such a fuckin hoe...she MUST go to Uni.
2. He is sooo uni...look at how he thinks hes hot shit.
by funness March 23, 2004
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A unicorn neopet that looks like a character from 'My Little Pony'.
The Uni looks really familiar....do I smell a lawsuit?
by Alexi August 1, 2003
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