An acronym describing a male who desperately attempts to seduce any women they can. This can be seen in various ways, such as overly complimenting women, dissing societal viewpoints of men in attempts to gain attention from women, faking illness/injuries for sympathy and attention of women, etc.
Nobody likes these kinds of people (besides women who are easily manipulated by SIMPS), so do your best to avoid being or being with one.

Similar phrases: beta-male, easy, 0 self-worth, 0 pride, 0 braincells
Jacob talking to Lauren: “I can’t believe he said women are destined to be housewives. If you were my girl, I’d be the one making sandwiches for you.”

Chad overhearing the conversation: “Holy shit, Jacob. You’re such a SIMP.”
by w0nders November 14, 2019
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a male or female that is diminished by society to think that treating your s/o respectfully is a wuss way to show affection. people use the term bro’s before hoes but the s/o is not a hoe and is in fact a very important person in their life, they should not be put down for knowing how to treat a human like they should be in a healthy relationship.
i’m not a simp for treating them right
by alyssashav05 August 16, 2020
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A man who does anything to suck up to a woman for the simple goal of making her like him more than others.
Like giving her gifts to make her happy, or donating loads of money to her if shes a twitch streamer.

(Example of a simp:Dinonuggets (twitch streamer) )
Person 1:Oh god, here comes Greg Heffley, hes such a simp.
Person 2:Oh fuck, lets get the fuck out of here.
by Gamergirlbathwater March 25, 2020
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A term used by incels or 12-year-old gamers who think that men can’t compliment, admire or do anything for a woman for the sake of being kind.
John: Wow, Sarah looks beautiful.

Adam: You’re a simp.

John: I’m just being nice-

Adam: SIMP!
by KingCrumb March 23, 2020
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A man who ditches hanging out with the boys, to be with a girl, or a group of girls.
Mark: Where’s Danny?
Johnny: He ditches us for the girls.
Mark: We need the council.
Council: He is a simp.
by That guy 6969420 January 24, 2020
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A man who is a girls prison bitch

A man who puts himself under a girl
I heard that Allen kid is a simp because he asked to be on the bottom.
by sadpeen69 January 17, 2020
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