Something idiots say when they mean to say, "utmost".
I have the upmost respect for Scientologists.
by Flucka November 19, 2014
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that is of the upmost quality
by MrW May 31, 2005
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1. Of the highest quality; usually involving weed or paraphernalia, i.e. blunts, bleezies, bongs, pipes, vapes, herb, etc.
2. Of the highest level; usually describing as to how high one is.
3. P.o.s. used as an adjective, to describe something/someone, as being of the best quality; the most respected.
1. "Man, this shit is of the upmost dankity dank."
"I know nigga."

2. "Shit son I'm at the upmost dankity dank."
"Word up nigga."

3. "Yo man yo car is of the upmost dankity dank."
"Shit! I only roll in ma Bentleys G."
by mkyfckndbtchs January 27, 2010
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When you doing the upmost and personal bits. Doing anything in your power to do the fucking most in life. When you don’t you lose out. Be a god, do bits.
Yo man been up to much today?

You know me bro, just the upmost and personal bits.

Oh man I can believe it, I’ve been doing bits too.
by PUSSYMAGNET1002 March 23, 2020
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what smart people say instead of utmost. ut is not a word. you are stupid.
“i have the upmost respect for your mother
by ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha January 2, 2022
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