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A sound made with the mouth to indicate that someone is being naughty/disobedient.
<@bibite> i decided i'm gonna call in sick tomorrow :P
<+Toba> tsk tsk
by Toba December 16, 2004
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1/ I disapprove;
2/ You've been naughty;
3/ What a shame;
4/ How embarrassing for you;
5/ Isn't life unfair sometimes!
6/ I commiserate with your sadness/suffering/ill treatment.

Sometimes represented as Tch Tch or Tut Tut, Tsk is more a vocal sound than an actual word, and "pronounced" by forming a T-sound, but then sucking lightly on the palate. People only say "Tisk tisk" as a parody of the actual sound, making fun of the act of disapproval or shaming.
1/ Tsk Tsk! You're far too young to smoke!
2/ Tsk tsk, Tracking mud inside? I'm telling on you!
3/ Homeless and derelict, at age 20? Tsk tsk!
4/ They called you that in front of everybody? Tsk tsk!
5/ All those people, thrown out of work for the sake of more profits? Tsk tsk!
6/ You poor thing, three broken bones in one year? Tsk tsk!
by David305 June 29, 2012
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the clicking sound of the tongue pressing against the roof of the mouth

used to express regret

synonymous to "what a shame"
Maui: By the time the firemen arrived, there were just cinders left of the house.
Glenn: tsk tsk... that's the downside of living in a remote part of town
by tagadagat2 July 18, 2009
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TSK TSK” is the sound created when you hit your tongue against the roof of your mouth / back of your teeth.

It is a sound most Indians resort to when they are speechless and / or wish to convey they are sorry about something, typically a bad news / the poor state of affairs in the country – death, famine, epidemic, the likes!

After all the respect I endow on you, this is how you behave!!!

You disappoint me!
by Joker Joker 2000 January 27, 2010
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