To verbally hold someone accountable for their words or actions. Other usage: call you out, call them out, call him/her out
"I will call out anything that sounds stupid ." "I will call out your actions if they are questionable."
by Foghorn7870 August 22, 2015
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To challenge someone in some way. Or to put someone on blast.
I don't think you've really lost 300 pounds - you just say you have. Produce some Before & After photos. I'm calling you out!
by June 29, 2004
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(vb or n) To mock or insult someone or to issue a challenge for them to fight.
After hearing Julio call out Richard for stepping on his shoes, the students rushed to the scene to see what the excitement was all about.
by Bill Peters November 10, 2006
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1. v. To announce to someone that one knows the other's lies or intentions.

2. v. To announce another's intent to ask someone out. Usu. occurs in social situations involving at least three people. Suppose persons A, B, C, and perhaps other friends are in a restaurant. Person A secretly wants in person B's pants, and is offering a favor or something else in an attempt to get on B's good side. Person C realizes what is going on, and says to B, "He's only doing this because he wants to tickle your bojangles." Person C is said to be calling out A.

Even if person C said that as a joke, it still alerts person B to A's intentions. If you call out a friend in this matter, you are being an incredible asshole to them, even if you may not realize it.

3. v. The literal definition. To call out with one's voice. Duh.

4. n. Used in online gaming, chatrooms, and chatrooms for games. A message that typically goes to everyone connected to the server. Also called a shout, or a shout out. Generally used by loudmouths to tell 500 people "hello".
1. "Adolf, I know you tell me that you love me very much, but the KGB have discovered plans for something called "Operation Barbarossa." I really hope you aren't scheming behind my back."

"Of course not, dear Jo-Jo. I would never hurt you. You mean the world to me."

2. When Juan called out Bryce in front of Melanie, he practically condemned him to having to pay for sex for the next month.

3. I call out.

kumquat69 shouts: hey everybody
doubleOzero shouts: im back!!!!
12packsaday shouts: im leaving for a smoke break
turdretractor shouts: i love chocolate
zombiekid shouts: i like turtles
gibmelson shouts: i hate wejs
pussyfucker shouts: i love cats
318 people: <facepalm>
by waxonwaxoffpissoffpisson March 26, 2009
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Jerry O'Connell makes a bad movie. Kris wants to give him a call out. Kris yells "I'm calling you out O'Connell."
by Kris Kruk June 1, 2006
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When someone wants to fight you...
Yo, dat kid nick is callin you outtt kidd..

^"call out"^
by tHa BoTTe December 27, 2005
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to start a battle in:cwalken, clown walken, blood walken(fuck bloodz), beatboxin, flowin, etc.
ey yo..i heard jay called out ryan and ryan got faded
by JoShWa July 4, 2003
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