V. To worship something excessively. To spout off verbally over how much you like something.
That Emo girl was gushing over how much she loves She Wants Revenge.
by Noir July 19, 2006
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Good dope or really good shit.the combination of good and shit.
who has the gush?where can i get some gush?im turnt up off the gush.
by Ju.Blisstar December 11, 2013
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gucci mane's way to say cush i smoke gush (weed)
i smoke gush
by lasalle bro September 11, 2009
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a girl with a crush on another girl
Man, Caroline follows Liz around all the time, its like she has a gush on Liz.
by Chttrbox321 February 7, 2009
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For men it's blowing their wad, usually multiple times in a short amount of time.

Fow women it's getting dripping wet or, in the very rare circumstances, when a woman has a spirting orgasm.
I gushed all over her face and tits.

He got me so hot I gushed all over myself.
by KhakiMan August 7, 2007
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