V. To worship something excessively. To spout off verbally over how much you like something.
That Emo girl was gushing over how much she loves She Wants Revenge.
by Noir July 19, 2006
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Good kush - Gush
Can be used as a synonym for good shit, good kush, or lit AF.
Fuck me up with that gush!
Yo my mans hooked me up with the gush.
*Sips tea* oh sis, that's some gush!
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by notanactuctualdefinitiondotco October 25, 2018
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actually gush is a strain of high potency marijuana. Cross between afghan goo and kush... used in the state of california medicinally.. good as fuck...
Eh im gettin some new shit called GUSH next week... Its even better than that goo i had last week...
by 4rch3typ3 December 01, 2008
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