A mf who will defend a girl he has feelings for to the death. He will treat her like royalty, buying expensive gifts, food, and even give her his Netflix account. He will also be seen commenting stuff like “Go bestie 😍” or “Material Girl 😌” on her Instagram. While he’s treating her like an A-list celebrity she’s treating him like a fan or peasant. She’s showing her sneaky link or boyfriend the cringeworthy texts that the simp sends her. She also uses his Netflix as background noise while her real man rearranges her guts so that her parents won’t hear her cheeks getting slapped. The simp will do this just so that his crush will acknowledge him in hopes of the simp smashing or dating the girl. All the simp gets in return is “Thanks Bro” or “You’re my bestest Bestie 💙”. He will also defend a girl for being a hoe by saying, “She doesn’t do it for you” or “Leave Her Alone or I’ll fight you”. If there’s one emoji to describe a simp it’s 🤡
Simp: so what if she has 120 bodies she is a confident woman that you could never pull.
Me asf: ight simp she let the whole football, basketball, baseball, and even band team hit and yet to her you’re her bestie 4 life. You seriously bought her 300 dollars worth of lululemon, Starbucks and Chicfila, and you gave her your Netflix, Disney Plus, and paramount plus account knowing she has 3 sneaky links lmao
by Chad Chett January 11, 2022
A simpleton putting his all to being a hopeless romantic. He acts like a chivalrous white knight. He protects and likely gives EXTREME donations to his woman. He thinks that he is in a relationship with her but he is submissive and played by the woman. He cannot give opposing opinions that crush her values and is always an attentive yes man at that. The nice guy who would do anything for her happiness.
I simp for Pokimane. *donates $100 to get attention
You ogle at that Tiktok girl dancing for hours. Can you stop simping for her?!
He does all the housework for her. What a simp.
by Thats the word! June 21, 2020
A male overly catering to the exaggerated emotions of a woman.

A man saying things to a woman he does not believe but only saying them because he thinks that she wants to hear them.

A man tearing down another man just to gain points with females, mainly male bashing females.
Sweetheart it hurts my heart to see you hurting, you are my rock and if you crumble then I will crumble, our love is the foundation of our everlasting relationship, I'm crying inside...please hold me.
by Maledic July 31, 2018
a male or female that is diminished by society to think that treating your s/o respectfully is a wuss way to show affection. people use the term bro’s before hoes but the s/o is not a hoe and is in fact a very important person in their life, they should not be put down for knowing how to treat a human like they should be in a healthy relationship.
i’m not a simp for treating them right
by alyssashav05 August 16, 2020
A man who does anything to suck up to a woman for the simple goal of making her like him more than others.
Like giving her gifts to make her happy, or donating loads of money to her if shes a twitch streamer.

(Example of a simp:Dinonuggets (twitch streamer) )
Person 1:Oh god, here comes Greg Heffley, hes such a simp.
Person 2:Oh fuck, lets get the fuck out of here.
by Gamergirlbathwater March 25, 2020
When a man chats up, talks to, hangs out more than you do with your girlfriend. This causes strain on your relationship, hence you have been simped.
"Damn I heard Dylan Woodridge hoped into your girl dms last night"

"fuck he is good at what he does, i have been simped"
by Simp Friend January 13, 2020