A male overly catering to the exaggerated emotions of a woman.

A man saying things to a woman he does not believe but only saying them because he thinks that she wants to hear them.

A man tearing down another man just to gain points with females, mainly male bashing females.
Sweetheart it hurts my heart to see you hurting, you are my rock and if you crumble then I will crumble, our love is the foundation of our everlasting relationship, I'm crying inside...please hold me.
by Maledic July 31, 2018
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i’m sorry kaylie please take me back i know you cheated but it’s okay i think we can work around it.
me:“i am a simp for you kaylie
kaylie: *cheating noises*
by istilloveu March 13, 2020
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The love experienced by a simp. Based on the seven subsections of platonic love.
"Gordo sacrificed his career for Lizzy McGuire. He had heavy simpe for Lizzy."
by gruchigang December 29, 2020
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A term usually thrown around randomly now, a simp is someone who will do nice things for his crush in order to win her affection. Simps can go as far as donating tons of money to a girl, or bashing others/themselves. They typically do not get the girl.
Correct usage:
John: I just bought Janet a new watch, hopefully she’ll finally like me.
Brad: Dude, quit being such a simp.

Incorrect Usage:
Cole: Stacy and I are going out today.
Alex: Simp!
by gerardington March 27, 2020
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Someone who would waste their life savings for Pokimaine to say his name , there are also more definitions to this word
40 year old that masturbates to hentai: I must be recognized *donates $10,000 to Pokimaine

Pokimaine: wow thanks for the dono *doesnt say name*

40 year old that masturbates to hentai: ... how must i be treated this way. i must simp more
by pseudonym ツ October 05, 2020
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When a man chats up, talks to, hangs out more than you do with your girlfriend. This causes strain on your relationship, hence you have been simped.
"Damn I heard Dylan Woodridge hoped into your girl dms last night"

"fuck he is good at what he does, i have been simped"
by Simp Friend January 13, 2020
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People, who can also be known as 'Yogev', that put girls high on their priority for no reason. They treat girls too good, while they don't receive that treatment back.
Yogev was simping hard for R.
Yogev is a simp for R.
by Romi Kl. April 05, 2020
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