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Jayden is a funny, annoying boy who can be a crazy guy. He can be defiant and can be very naughty and swear a lot when he gets way too angry. Sometimes he can get over-crazy and makes up all these funny names for his friends.
He went nuts.... he went "Jayden".
by Captain Fishface June 25, 2012
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Smart, handsome guy who gets all of the chicks. He never realizes someone likes him. Never backs down from a fight and is the best friend someone could ask for.
Omg it's a Jayden back off he's mine I called it
by Brodude120474 August 10, 2016
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Jayden is a very smart, funny, handsome, and attractive guy. He likes to play sports, and gets all the girls. People said that he's know for having sex. When you see Jayden in public, you instantly fall in love because he's that fucking hot. If you don't have a Jayden then your life must suck.
OMG!! That's Jayden.

I want a Jayden.
by Ball_is_life2 February 21, 2015
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The most amazing, caring, funny, smart and sincere person in the world.

Jayden is an incredible friend and partner who will care deeply for you and do whatever it takes to take care of you. He treats you as his princess and gives you his all.

Jayden is also incredibly sexy and handsome; his body, his face and his hair are extremely hot. He makes you feel so good and safe.

You can always trust Jayden, he doesn't let you down.
Me: my boyfriend is amaaaazing
Friend: oooh, what's his name

Me: Jayden

Friend: that makes sense
by Broccauliflower October 01, 2016
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An extremely funny, attractive guy who makes friends by being himself. Very loyal to friends, including girlfriend or family member. He is also very talented and very smart.
There's Jayden!
Love ya Jayden!

Nice joke Jayden.
by DodoBird334 March 08, 2017
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A cool guy who curses when gets pissed and is a cool friend.

He'll back u up and fight for u.
He cares 4 his friends and is the nest friend u could have
Jayden: Sup
Friend: hey
Jayden:u ok
Friend:i going through stuff
Jayden: i give u time to get better, call if u need me
Friend: Thx
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Is really hot and never backs down from a fight usually pulls all the chicks and has lots of great friends if your not friends with him you have no friends because he is the lord of all friends
Omg it's Jayden he is the lord of all friends
by Phil101 September 02, 2012
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