'Simping' is the art of trying to act like a girl's boyfriend when you don't really even know her, when she already has a boyfriend, or when she has explicitly stated she is not interested in you romantically. The 'Simp' convinces himself that he is more important than he actually is AND that he is sexually desirable to his person of obsession. It's nothing but a delusion, but you bet your ass he will do anything and everything for his person of obsession, especially if she has a boyfriend. If she's got a boyfriend, the 'Simp' goes into full competition mode and sets himself out to prove he 'does things her shitty boyfriend would never do'. For his efforts, the 'Simp' receives almost nothing in return from the person he has targeted, and rightfully so. 'Simps' spend their money, time, and life giving everything to someone who gives them nothing in return except maybe a little attention every now and then just to keep them on the hook. Also, this is really important, some women are aware of the simp(s) in her life & some aren't. It all depends on the situation, so don't automatically assume every single female has a horde of 'Simps' that she's using to pay her rent and car insurance every month. However, If she is aware of her simp(s) AND has not cut them out completely, then you bet your ass she is entertaining them ever so slightly to be able to get what she wants out of them. More power to her though, you go girl, that's a fucking sweet deal.
Jason is simping hardcore, bro. He's giving Gabby rides to and from work every day, and he spent $250 on her birthday present. She even told him that her boyfriend forgot to get her a present, and that's the last thing he needed to know because now he's convinced himself he actually has a chance!
by KeyLimeElf July 30, 2020
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Someone who puts the hoes before the bros, simps will do or say anything to please someone, particularly a girl, in the hopes that they will be in gain favor with that person.
Friend~bro stop simping over her
Me~hoes before bros ;)
by XxZoexX August 2, 2020
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The act of treating someone like a celebrity while getting treated as their fan.
John is simping for Jane.
by Leafdroid April 3, 2020
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A term usually thrown around randomly now, a simp is someone who will do nice things for his crush in order to win her affection. Simps can go as far as donating tons of money to a girl, or bashing others/themselves. They typically do not get the girl.
Correct usage:
John: I just bought Janet a new watch, hopefully she’ll finally like me.
Brad: Dude, quit being such a simp.

Incorrect Usage:
Cole: Stacy and I are going out today.
Alex: Simp!
by gerardington March 27, 2020
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(as a verb) to express great appreciation for someone to the point of putting them on a pedestal, can be used in both the platonic and/or romantic sense
person 1: i’m so lonely, i really want someone to simp
person 2: well there’s this one person who’s just your type
person 1: oh, no, no! i mean i just want a friend to platonically crush over
person 2: ahhh i get it
by simps4sale October 12, 2020
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The equivalent of saying "No Homo" except used in cases you would normally be considered as simping. If you compliment a girl you have to say "No simp" afterwards or you are a simp. Usage of more than once a day makes the phrase invalid.
Example: Hey, your hair looks nice today, Belinda. No simp.
by PropheticLies May 6, 2020
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i’m sorry kaylie please take me back i know you cheated but it’s okay i think we can work around it.
me:“i am a simp for you kaylie
kaylie: *cheating noises*
by istilloveu March 13, 2020
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