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1. vb - to glance or stare in a flirtatious way ; eye amorously

2. to look at someone as if ones eyes are about to pop out of ones head.
1. "Did you see the way he ogled at the teacher? He's such an idiot!" Sally said.

2. "Stop ogling at the teacher! Blink, boy!"
by crys_tal July 05, 2005
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A person thats scared of nothing and will fight everyone. He tends to be very strong and angry. He doesnt care what you say he will kill you.
im afraid of Ogle, i heard he killed a cute puppy with a hammer!
by bluedaddyP's December 05, 2010
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A search engine exclusively targeting persons of interest by sexual predators and stalkers.
Him: Hey, did you notice that hot chick in the cubicle by the door?

Other Him: Shit yes! I ogled her the minute she walked in.

Her: Is that guy following me?

Other her: Why? Because he's been sitting on that bus bench for 4 hours? Yeah. Ten bucks says you're being ogled.
by Stupid Smart April 17, 2013
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Common last for twin girls. describes crazy, hot, fun, but shy blondes. Usually an uncommon last name. All guys want an Ogles.
"You see those Ogles today?"
"yeah I gotta get me an Ogle"
by banggurl123 February 22, 2012
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a tall person who has limited brain functions
also known as fogle, fagle, fruit by the foot, diptard, ect.
"Ogle! the tv does not belong in the fridge!"
by JawniSYnn October 28, 2009
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noun, interjection, adverb

1.satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree

2.of high quality; excellent.


1. That was an ogle catch made by Kevin.

2. Miles Austin is an ogle receiver on the Dallas Cowboys.

3. The teacher hate the loud and annoying types kids but loves the ogle type of kids.

4. Jason: How was your day?

Kevin: It was ogle and you?

Jason: Same.

Kevin: That's good.
by Bartels3 December 13, 2011
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a person with a very small brain capacity,can just about manage simple tasks. making dogs,one of the best noggin makers i have ever seen,
sent to store for blue rods came back with iron powders. equivillant of ging for tabs and coming back with a pound of apples,he's made another ogle
by davey fairs June 01, 2006
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