1. vb - to glance or stare in a flirtatious way ; eye amorously

2. to look at someone as if ones eyes are about to pop out of ones head.
1. "Did you see the way he ogled at the teacher? He's such an idiot!" Sally said.

2. "Stop ogling at the teacher! Blink, boy!"
by crys_tal July 6, 2005
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A search engine exclusively targeting persons of interest by sexual predators and stalkers.
Him: Hey, did you notice that hot chick in the cubicle by the door?

Other Him: Shit yes! I ogled her the minute she walked in.

Her: Is that guy following me?

Other her: Why? Because he's been sitting on that bus bench for 4 hours? Yeah. Ten bucks says you're being ogled.
by Stupid Smart April 17, 2013
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a person with a very small brain capacity,can just about manage simple tasks. making dogs,one of the best noggin makers i have ever seen,
sent to store for blue rods came back with iron powders. equivillant of ging for tabs and coming back with a pound of apples,he's made another ogle
by davey fairs June 1, 2006
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Stands for Online Gaming League. Commonly used in online gaming for someone or something that is easy or lacking potential.
Online Gamer 1: LOL this guy is ogl! Look at his score! 1 kill and 18 deaths!

Online Gamer 2: Yeah. His one kill was on an AFK.
by Exititum crux January 2, 2007
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to eye; look or stare at. often when sexually attracted.
John was ogling Kelly's breasts
by arsehole March 18, 2008
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Short for the Open Gaming License, a competently written open license (compare to the GPL, an incompetently written license). The most famous game that has been released under the OGL includes d20 (the system that runs the Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, and Call of Cthulhu role-playing games), although there are a few other minor games also released under this license.
If it says OGL on the cover, it means it was written for d20 but they can't say that, wink wink, nudge nudge.
by Shanya Almafeta April 16, 2004
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