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A good sample term for explaining arguments or debates you’ve had while avoiding potentially controversial topics and terms.
John: I had the worst debate with someone earlier, we were talking about transgenderism and-
Sam: No, dude, Hat on a Goat.
John: Right. So she thought that we should allow putting a hat on a goat. I was saying that that’s crazy, putting a hat on a goat isn’t a good thing. Then she went full pissbaby mode and...
by NotPieGuy March 11, 2021
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Maybe if I say “nice” enough, people will think I’m cool!
Redditor: 69420!!!!! Lmao keanu chungus wholesome 100 you just won the internet thanks for the gold kind stranger ratio lolmao!!!
by NotPieGuy October 27, 2021
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Kobe Bryant: What does "FUEL LOW" mean?
Pilot: You're about to find out!
by NotPieGuy January 28, 2021
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Trying to be cool and unique by saying "based" instead of "agreeable."
John: What do you think of slang?
Sam: It's a drag.
John: Meh.
by NotPieGuy February 6, 2021
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Bruno Mars has a voice of silk and the height of a house elf.
by NotPieGuy August 20, 2022
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