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A person who has a different opinion than you.
Izzy, he/her, feminist, marxist, fuck capitalism, lgbt: Vanilla is my favorite flavor of cake.
John: I prefer chocolate, want to try this chocolate cake I baked earlier? It’s really good!
Izzy, he/her, feminist, marxist, fuck capitalism, lgbt: OK Nazi. I’m cancelling you.
by NotPieGuy January 18, 2021
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An immortal, godlike being with powers beyond human comprehension. Capable of destroying entire universes with just as little as a snap of his fingers.
John: Oh my god! It's Phil Swift!
Sam: Bow! Bow to him! Bow to our lord!
Phil Swift: Worry not, my children. I have come to bless you with my mighty powers. You may now fix anything with the power of Flex Tape.
John and Sam: Thank you god! Thank you!
by NotPieGuy January 21, 2021
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Stands for "Non-applicable." Basically means that the information is not available, or there is none of it.
"What is the name of your first girlfriend?"
by NotPieGuy March 10, 2021
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An economic system based on two basic truisms:
1. Humans are greedy
2. Humans act in their own self interest FIRST
Capitalism exploits these two truisms by creating an economic structure in which benefiting yourself benefits the society as a whole. For example, when Jeff Bezos created Amazon, he benefited himself by giving himself complete financial freedom; and he benefited the society as a whole by providing fast, reliable shipping and delivery.
Capitalism is the best economic system ever devised by man.
by NotPieGuy January 22, 2021
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How come a woman can get an abortion and kill her kid and that’s fine, but if I but a bullet through her head I get charged with double homicide?
by NotPieGuy November 12, 2021
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