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Trying to be cool and unique by saying "based" instead of "agreeable."
John: What do you think of slang?
Sam: It's a drag.
John: Meh.
by NotPieGuy February 6, 2021
Did you know that 42% of trans pronouns are was/were?
by NotPieGuy January 19, 2022
1. A Canadian person.

2. A girl who frequently provides blowjobs.
1. "Oh, look over there. That snow-loving coldass bobblehead fagtard. I bet he loves getting locked in plexiglass cells in Walmarts."

2. "Man bro, Jess is a total bobblehead. Where the fuck did she learn it from?"
by NotPieGuy January 28, 2022
Officially named lagophthalmogic somnambulism, open-eyed sleepwalking is a condition in which a person is awake, but appears so exhausted and worn out that they may very well just be sleepwalking with their eyes open.
John: What’s wrong with Richard?
Sam: He’s open-eyed sleepwalking. He had to stay up all last night working on some ASL assignments.
John: Poor guy
by NotPieGuy December 8, 2021
The state of having the capacity to be sexually active (through a combination of physical attractiveness and developed social skills), but being sexually inactive through choice.
John: Hey, what’s up with Jess? She hasn’t spoken to me in like a week.
Sam: Oh, she’s sexually dormant. Call her up again in like a month.
by NotPieGuy August 15, 2022
Maybe if I say “nice” enough, people will think I’m cool!
Redditor: 69420!!!!! Lmao keanu chungus wholesome 100 you just won the internet thanks for the gold kind stranger ratio lolmao!!!
by NotPieGuy October 27, 2021