Shuck- the combination of shit and fuck to form one mega awesome word shuck!mainly used to express extreme displeasure at the outcome of some event
stylist #1- "zach im sorry I couldnt find your favorite electric dildo bateries at teh store"

Zach Effron- "SHUCK!"
by ;lakdjf;aldkjfal;dkfjad April 05, 2009
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The act of nailing a chick vaginally while she takes a shit
Dude Teresa is a freak!! She only lets me hit it if I shuck her. Its kinda cool though.
by street trash viper December 28, 2009
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Noun1. A someone/something that means alot to you.

Noun2. Word used to describe someone you love.
You shuck.

He's my shuck.
by Accidentally in love January 30, 2010
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A term for someone your not pleased with currently.
Hes not going? That shuck!
by A-s-h-t-o-n April 27, 2005
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Minho: You're the shuckiest shuck faced shuck ever

(Not meant to be shucks, it is actually shuck)
by LimeSky_ March 10, 2016
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