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An individual who takes part in certain activities or attends particular meetings because they are trendy or popular, usually without regard to whether or not such activities or the subject matter of such meetings interest or pertain to them at all.
Marla Singer is such a fucking tourist for attending multiple affliction-specific support group therapy sessions when she doesn't even have any of those diseases.
by dalbort June 21, 2004
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Used to describe someone who is incredibly cheap or something that was done in cheap taste, regardless of the financial situation. Those who are of this nature often refer to themselves as thrifty.
1. Dude, you are so low budget.
2. Dude, that was so low budget.
by dalbort June 21, 2004
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An expression used towards someone who has committed an egregious error, social taboo, or idiotic remark.
Dude, you have no business being out in public after what you just pulled.
by dalbort June 3, 2007
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An expression used to describe a person's complete lack of discretion in selecting those whom he/she chooses to perform oral sex on.
by dalbort June 3, 2007
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A slang term for a woman's genetalia in reference to the act of cunnilingus. Often considered crude and sometimes derogatory, however it is often a term of endearment among those with an extensive history of sexual activity with one another.
Honey, I'm going down to Chinatown tonight. Get ready.
by dalbort June 3, 2007
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An phrase used to express total eagerness in the prospect of or opportunity to perform oral sex on a woman.
Dude, I can't wait to dive at five tonight.
by dalbort June 3, 2007
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1. Slang term for a women's genetalia; often considered crude or sometimes derogatory.

2. The look a woman gives another when she has an overwhelming craving for sexual activity. Usually reserved for those who have a history of being intimate with one another.

3. (Hungry 'i') A famous San Francisco nightclub which saw the likes of Barbra Streisand, Lenny Bruce, Dick Cavett, and others perform during the 1950s and 60s. The Kingston Trio recorded their acclaimed live record here.

NOTE: The Hungry Eye can be used as a colloquial euphemism in reference to a place; that is, if one says to another: "Dude, we're going to the Hungry Eye tonight," what he/she means is they are determined to engage in sexual activity.
1. Dude, I hit her hungry eye like crazy last night and again this morning.

2. Dude, she's totally giving me the hungry eye.

3. Dude, let's go to the Hungry Eye tonight.
by dalbort June 3, 2007
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