A mix of the word Shit and Fuck. Commonly used innocently
by _Wrath_ November 18, 2015
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A person intimidated or scared by another person. It's more of a slang term than an everyday word.
Friends watching a fight. Look at Jayden, he's shaking, he's proper shuck!
by STM Y8 January 30, 2016
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A word created when shit and fuck are morphed together, to make shucks. Usually used to express annoyance and/or displeasure.
Aww shucks, that was my last can of beer.
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by Blover2169 November 04, 2016
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Like shipping only the person who ships them wants them to fuck, not date.
"Omg, I totally shuck it."
by <insert handle> January 01, 2016
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