203 definitions by dude

Extremely sexy punk rocker who is best known for playing guitar in the band NOFX.
by dude March 11, 2004
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Ahren Olson, formerly known as "Handles," because he is short and stout.
All Teapot does is drink and play poker online. What a loser.
by dude March 24, 2004
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A G'star that walks around in his "rockports" and looks like a complete nob, with his sox tucked in his tracky b's, and his fake burberry sh!t... Smells like fags and draw and when he goes home he cries to hs mom that someone took his lunch money :)
Lads that think there gangstars!!
by dude May 27, 2004
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I said anyone.........
by dude October 16, 2004
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Ok the brown noise ,basicly, is so low...you crap your pants
stupid brown noise made me crap my pants.
by dude April 2, 2004
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this is a chic that looks like frankenstien and she doesnt know she has bolts in her neck.
hey alvirasfrankenstien how are you?

Who you taking to?

also see fugly
by dude March 27, 2005
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