A word used to express a positive or negative emotion. It's very similar to words like 'Shit' , 'Shut up' , 'Get out' or 'Fuck' but is a more kid/work friendly version.
Oh Shucks! I missed my train.

Shucks man! I wish I could go to the concert too.

A: I am getting married.
B: No shucks!
by Aprilly September 25, 2017
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1. To express disappointment, and/or used in reaction to an unfortunate event.
2. Used in reaction to flattery/compliment(s).
Oh shucks, we've run out of milk!

Person A) You look wonderful today. Person B) Aw, shucks!
by Evan November 15, 2004
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Background: Backwoods
Definition: Interjection, used to express modesty.
Aw, shucks, Huck, you didn't have to say all them awfully nice things about me.
by Wesley B. April 5, 2005
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Said when you make a mistake.
see Shoot, dang, and darn
Shucks, I missed the bus.
by Aaron W. December 6, 2002
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the unused part a the corn; the "pealing"
by Alexius November 7, 2003
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An exclamation in which the person exclaiming is completely ignorant to the word being a combination of Fuck and Shit.

Person A: Aw shucks I stubbed my toe!

Person B: You sir, use quite an amount of profanity! Bagosh!
by Samsmithistakenapparently September 28, 2010
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That one word that Christian people use because they don’t want to swear.
Person one: hey what did you get on the test
Person two: I don’t know I’ll check

Person one: ok

Person two: shucks man I got an F
by John Hugo November 17, 2019
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