1: An oral contraceptive in pill form, designed to be taken every 24 hours. Designed as a contraceptive only, with no STD-preventative properties. Suppresses hormones in such a way as to render the woman taking them temporarily infertile. Ortho Tricyclen and Ortho Cyclen are among the different kinds available.
2: Proof that there is a Deity, and that It loves us all.
Thanks be for the Pill... the salvation of humanity!
by whatever May 8, 2003
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contraceptive taken by feamle breeders to stop them from breeding!
by spoony June 4, 2003
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a pill that a girl generally takes to prevent pregnancy. if ur on it, ur body basically thinks ur pregnant. also, it's basically hormones, so when you're on it, you gain weight like fuck and are prone to extreme moodiness.
jane gained 20 pounds when she went on the pill.
by superflychick June 1, 2006
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An oral contraceptiove that prevents pregnancy by turning its user into such an emotional, moody basket case that no guy in his right mind will want to sleep with her.
Ever since my girlfriend started on the Pill, she has turned into a monster... there's no way I want to get with her now!
by smashywalls October 19, 2008
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An evil conspiracy. It makes women's breasts bigger, makes them more attracted to MEN and induces infertility.
When I went on the pill I went from a C cup to a D cup and started being less attracted to girls and more attracted to men. My friend waasn't so lucky and lost all interest in girls after going on the pill.
by Jab January 1, 2005
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1. Urban slang referring to a basketball.

2. Formalized by the article "The" it can be taken to refer to only an NBA regulation basketball.
- Toss me the pill, yo.

- This ghetto ass ball is tired; we need to purchse The Pill.
by MBeech July 4, 2004
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the act of ramming your fist in someones anus (especially when someone has to take a crap) or vagina--- while screaming loudly "THE PILL!" this is usually done as an act of affection or as a joke this is in no way sexually related...
margaux, jessica, ellie often use the pill as a prevoker of laughter amongst themselves.

this was invented when sarah's mom wanted to put a 'stool softener' in sarah's ass when she was constipated and while she did her bestfriend samantha yelled "the pill!"
by margauxjessellie May 26, 2007
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