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a modifier typically used when making an adjective into a verb or action; can also be used to emphasize an action. Can also be used to make the action have a specifically intended physical force.
There are numerous examples of the modifier "it up". Some common uses: hang it up, blaze it up, butter it up, crap it up, stink it up, Xbox it up. do it up, breathe it up, snort it up, toke it up, rake it up, yuk it up, win it up, fuck it up, screw it up, burn it up, throw it up, sweep it up, lock it up, lather it up, etc.
by Jon Blaze's dad February 06, 2010
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it up.
can be used with any sort of action or activity.
form of invitation
-"hey dawg, lets go back to my house and DBZ it up on my ps2!"

"i'm hungry, lets go Taco Bell it up."
by ricker January 26, 2008
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