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a slang term used by blues artists/musicians to describe milling around and shuffling in a melancholy mood.
"janis was shucking around the bar."

"robert was shucking as he left the stage."

"i was just shucking around town."
by Clare Murray February 11, 2008
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When you boil a vegetable that is need to be shucked before ingestion, you heavily inhale the fumes from the vegetable while it is boiling.
"Oh yeah man that's a good shuck. Come have a hard ol'Shuck while we're shucking the corn"
by Heetlor June 21, 2016
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A slang term used by Emergency Medical Services providers to describe the act of transporting non-emergency patients between different health facilities. The patient being transported is usually old and in need of a ride from a Hospital to a Nursing Home or vice versa. It is the equivilant of giving people taxi-rides in ambulances. The little skills used by the EMS providers, coupled with the fact that the call is not an emergency, makes it a very unsatisfying part of the job.

Shucking is usually done by private for-profit commercial ambulance agencies.
"We were shucking a patient from St. Marys Hospital to Our Lady of Hope Nursing Home."

Q:"How many calls did you do?
A:"A bunch of shucks, and a couple of 911 calls."
by Mike Jewchaski November 15, 2006
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to suck on something, but mispronouncing the word, because you ARe sucking
I'll be shucking your corn cobs tonight!
by Nik and Mauricio May 07, 2007
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The act of fucking and shelving simultaneously. Firstly, a pill (usually ecstasy) needs to be inserted into the tip of the penis. Then you start fucking someone in the ass (preferably a girl) and when you cum the pill will shoot into her anus. This is perfect for the type of girl who doesn't receive enough of a high from simply shelving.
I'm tired of shelving. I wanna try Shucking.... Shuck me cunt!
by Doggggiieeeees May 16, 2011
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The act of when two men put there pecker heads together, they rub there foreskins over each other's penis.

This tends to lead to "botteming out", when one man gets his foreskin so far over his partners penis he hits his partners nutsack.
Tim and Paul have not got any work done all day; looks like they just been shucking all day.
by Southern terminology May 23, 2016
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Female masturbation.

Adapted from its original meaning of "the shelling of clams and oysters".
She can go shuck herself.
by Shane Lyons May 04, 2005
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