Getting screwed/fucked on an online transaction. ie buying something off of ebay, paying for it, and never actually receiving the item.
Bave got 'shucked' so hard when he tried to buy _____ off of ebay.
by AL June 18, 2004
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A term used when a simple task cannot be performed due to the person showing off. Derives from 'fucked it up whilst showing off'.
When a person has to hit a ball, but attempts to do it in an amusing/fancy way and misses. His opponent shouts 'You shucked it'
by wez May 8, 2003
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A slang term used in the Data Hoarder community to describe the act of buying an external hard drive for a discounted price and extracting the actual HDD inside for use in a desktop computer or a server.

Drives acquired in this manner are often significantly cheaper than if the HDD was bought as a standalone product off the shelf.
Dude, you won't believe this, I bought this external HDD yesterday, shucked it and the drive inside is like twice the price of this whole thing. I saved like a 100 dollars! Shucking is awesome!
by Jacobss April 27, 2019
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A word used to express a positive or negative emotion. It's very similar to words like 'Shit' , 'Shut up' , 'Get out' or 'Fuck' but is a more kid/work friendly version.
Oh Shucks! I missed my train.

Shucks man! I wish I could go to the concert too.

A: I am getting married.
B: No shucks!
by Aprilly September 25, 2017
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1. (v) To remove the husk from an ear of corn
2. (v) Any of several physical acts involving tumescent male genitalia, typically in the Old South
3. (n) Corn husk
Viola asked her man, "Who's been schuckin' my corn?".
by Narmour & Smith July 26, 2005
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1. To express disappointment, and/or used in reaction to an unfortunate event.
2. Used in reaction to flattery/compliment(s).
Oh shucks, we've run out of milk!

Person A) You look wonderful today. Person B) Aw, shucks!
by Evan November 15, 2004
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