a verb to be shoveled,to shovel
damn girl, you need to get shoveled!
by kali, motha bitch August 1, 2008
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A girl who takes the semen left on her belly and places it inside her vagina with the intent to become impregnated
Mike: Dude I heard you got Sheila pregnant
Dale: I busted on her belly though
Mike: She must be a shoveler
Dale: Damn, you're right...I'm gonna be a dad
by Shovelove July 1, 2015
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to beat into submission with a common, gardening shovel
Dude, I didn't know it was your sister
Get off my lawn before I shovelate you
He means it! He's got a shovel!
by Rand December 28, 2003
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When you glue toe/finger nail clippings to the tip of one's penis to make it resemble a shovel. After this is done, proceed to anal sex with your partner and attempt to "shovel" out nuggets of poop.
Christine has been saving a lot of money on toilet paper even since Robby starting shoveling her.

My prostate exam felt like I was getting shoveled.
by Terry Taint May 9, 2012
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*You see a fat chick walking down the street*
Joe: Id hit that...
James: ..With a shovel.
by James hartleyyyyy October 19, 2007
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a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of their spade shaped heads.
"shovels who think the world revolves around them and their not so pretty heads"
Omg she is such a shovel.
Did you see that girl, she is nothing but a shovel
by Lozzy McSavage April 18, 2017
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