This is a recent cockney rhyming slang word for Nick - which is in itself slang for police station or prison cell. ie SHOVEL and PICK (nick). A police officer might say "You're nicked" when arresting someone.
Where's Arthur ? He's in the shovel.
by clubcar November 27, 2009
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a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of their spade shaped heads.
"shovels who think the world revolves around them and their not so pretty heads"
Omg she is such a shovel.
Did you see that girl, she is nothing but a shovel
by Lozzy McSavage April 18, 2017
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Shovel "Sovok" (Совок) is a pejorative name of Soviet Union.
"The text at the top reads "Werewolf of Soviet Union" ("Shovel")."
Russian criminal tatoo encyclopedia. Volume III. UK.
by Bitzi September 23, 2010
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An object commonly used to hit children when they are not following proper authority.
Billy, if you don't get out of the shed this instant, imma fuck up your face with this here shovel.
by n8tro64 June 30, 2009
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(noun) tool traditionally used for digging but also works well for shutting annoying people up.
(use 1)- We're putting in an inground pool, so I had to dig a really big hole with my shovel.
(use 2)- Harry just wouldn't stfu so I was forced to whack him in the face with my shovel.
by Rakeman May 31, 2005
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When one's face is deformed in an odd manner, giving the impression that they were hit in the face repeatedly with a shovel causing such a strange face shape or appearance.
Have you seen that girl with the crooked teeth and messed up jaw? And he nose like bends to the right a little?

Yeah, she looks like she was taken to her backyard and shoveled to the face a few times as a kid.

Yeah, she's definitely a shovel!
by c0dester July 13, 2011
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