In prison.
If you get caught with those guns, it's 10 years inside straight away.
by kzm193 February 5, 2017
something you say, after you've joked with your friends in front of a group of other people and they look baffled...
(standing in front of the choir)
K: (yells)Spinach McWaffles
N & W: LOL, Ha Ha, etc...
(choir gives a baffled look)
K: oh, inside....
by Chris'Star' March 19, 2008
when you elevate your spirits, you will be able to establish positivity of a stable kind
Liz (seriously): you make me feel so beautiful inside, i can tell it exits my eyes from the way i am looked at

Kerr (wholeheartedly): the way we deal with our fears right now determines the society we will live in. there is beauty in humanity if we want it.
by Bad Translator March 16, 2020
To be in something or somewhere.
1. Anna was inside her house.
2. My dog, Rover, was inside his doghouse.
by Katrina ((Kitty)) September 17, 2005
When a player in a video games acts like your friend to take your loot.
Ghostpro played with me and insided when I was not looking
by DROPBEAR M8 April 24, 2017
a person who has access to exclusive information
As an insider, he's not at liberty to discuss how the meeting went.
by Methid Man November 27, 2010