A girl who has a bit more fat on her thank other people. usually made fun of even more than fat guys. are usually stereotyped as having to pay for their own love.. which is sort of mean.
Johnny likes fat chicks because they are all doughy and soft.
by Mizzalaine August 26, 2006
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A "fat chick" is a woman who is above average in physical size. Any woman who wears a size 18 or larger dress is likely to be a fat chick. (This number has been revised upward, from size 14.) Often, these females shop at stores such as Lane Bryant, and considered to be plus-sized. Being a fat chick does not mean that the female is ugly or unattractive; rather, she is simply significantly larger than the typical normal-sized woman. Fat chicks are often called BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, or BBWs, because they are exactly that, big and beautiful.
1. I know my girlfriend is a fat chick, but I love her anyway.
2. Your ex-girlfriend is really hot, now that she put on a few pounds and is a fat chick. You might want to hook up with her again.
3. That bar that has free tacos during happy hour is a great place to pick up fat chicks.

4. Dude, that NO FAT CHICKS bumper sticker on your truck is causing you to miss out on some really great women!
by Rook's Buddy May 9, 2010
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A large to extremely large woman/lady/girl whom usually tries to claim that she's one of the one in one hundred who actually do have glandular problems while eating a big mac and a small bucket of fench fries. They are usually whiny and obsessive, and tend to stalk normal human beings for long periods of time hoping that the person in question will start to give a rats ass about her.
1) The Fat Chicks following me again, will she go away if i give her some Doritos?

2) Fat Chicks need love to.
by Heyzeuse August 23, 2005
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The most sexually appealing of all girls, but everyone is too embarassed to admit it.
Johnny (out loud): "Hey everyone, look at that nasty fat chick!"

Johnny (in head): Being straddled by those thick, juicy thighs would be the greatest experience one could possibly imagine. All of the supermodels out there are just gross skeletons.
by dave2008 March 22, 2008
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A girl that many men pretend to detest and be disgusted by, but actually have a strong desire for.
Dude: Eww look at that fat chick I think I'm gonna be sick
Dude(In his mind): Damn look at her, I would fuck her all night long.
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they need love too
they just have to pay for it
how i payed my way through college. (fucking fat chicks for money)
by salimis December 19, 2005
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dude 1: wtf were you doing with that fat chick at the bar last night?
dude 2: she gave me head 3x that night.
dude 1: oh.
by fattylover February 16, 2005
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