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The most amazing, caring, intelligent, cute, thoughtful, smart, funny, fun, affectionate, and sweet person you will ever meet in your life. He will always go out of his way to make sure that you are the happiest you can possibly be. He says the sweetest things and keeps you smiling 24/7. Good luck getting him off your mind, cuz that's impossible. When he kisses you, you feel like no one else exists and you're the only thing that matters to him. When he hugs you, he does it so tightly, you never wanna let go. You could stare at him all day long and never want to stop because he's just that cute. Everything he does and says will make your heart smile. He has no idea how amazing he actually is though, so make sure you tell him. And next time he takes you to look at stars, make sure you find the courage to tell him you love him. You don't ever wanna lose him. He will be the most important thing in your life, and you'll never be happier than you are with him.
Arthur, I really hope you see this somehow, someday.
by Areyousure? October 09, 2013
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A awesome kid who will love you and will never cheat on you, he is also a very kind gentlemen who will treat you with respect
by Arthur Massimiani March 10, 2015
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A guy with an amazing talent in bed. He is very tall, but also a tad awkward. He also is incredibly handsome. Most arthurs are very sweet, smart, and funny. Also, the majority of Arthurs are "taken" by buxom females. They also have great skill in the field of video games.
Arthur is such a stud; he's good in bed and at video at games.
by Micrapala9 January 28, 2012
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A cool common male name, meaning "bear-like," believed to possibly be descended from the Roman surname Artorius ("plowman") or the Celtic bear-goddess Artio or more probably from the Celtic word artos ("bear").

Known from King Arthur, the legendary British ruler, therefore often used, if somebody is very strong.
How could you manage to take this stuff? You must be an Arthur.
by Arthur the King January 08, 2008
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an amazing, caring, loving, and perfect man that will do anything for you. he has a great smile and gorgeous eyes. his curly hair is adorable even though he may not like it. hes very protective and gives his girlfriend the up most respect. you can go to him with anything and definitely is husband and father material. he may be a weirdo at times but thats what makes him perfect. he is one of the most loving people you will ever meet. he is definitely worth waiting for. he is so cuddable and all you want to do is give him a big hug because of how amazing he is. his girlfriend is one of the most luckiest people in the world. he loves God, his family, and his girlfriend. what more could you ask for.
I Love Arthur he is just perfect.
by his. December 09, 2013
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A childrens TV show, aired on PBS Kids. It is one of the highest rated shows on its network with over 12 seasons, and it`s still running! Arthur can be enjoyed by people of all ages, even old people. It makes parodies of events in history, pop culture, and sometimes it has satire humor.
Arthur can be compared to the Simpsons in many ways:
1. Both very popular.
2. Both have a legacy in their genre.
3. Both series are starting to have more episodes with no real climax or a good conclusion.
by [itsANGiE] June 08, 2009
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A children's TV program about "weird animals" based on books by Marc Brown. It features the eponymous anthropomorphic aardvark Arthur Read dealing with everyday issues with his family and friends in Elwood City.

It's also known for its catchy theme song, which goes:

Everyday when you're walking down the street
everybody that you meet
has an original point of view.

And I say, "Hey! (Hey!)
What a wonderful kind of day
where you can learn to work and play
and get along with each other."

You got to listen to your heat. Listen to the beat.
Listen to the rhythm, the rhythm of the street.
Open up your eyes, open up your ears.
Get together and make things better
by working together.

It's a simple message,
and it comes from the heart.
Believe in yourself (believe in yourself),
for that's the place to start! (Start!)

And I say, "Hey! (Hey!)
What a wonderful kind of day
where you can learn to work and play
and get along with each other."

"What a wonderful kind of day!
What a wonderful kind of day!"
Person 1: Arthur is an aardvark, right?
Person 2: Right.
Person 1: And Pal is a dog, right?
Person 2: Right.
Person 1: So how could an aardvard have a dog as a pet?
Person 2: . . .
by cshin9 August 26, 2012
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