The kind of guy you write urban dictionary words about lol. He's funny, caring, sweet, smart, altruistic, and simply incredible. He usually takes a long time to open up to you, but when he does, you see even more amazing sides to him. Whenever you're with him, the entire world disappears. He's passionate about what he loves and who he loves and everyone he talks to adores him. Not only is he a one-of-a-kind friend, he is also the best guy you will ever meet. The impact that he will leave on you and your life is irreplaceable and if you meet an Arthur, make sure to never let them go.
Lol Arthur I wonder if you'll see this.
by 0822 August 29, 2019
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Arthur is a perfect person.One you can truly see yourself being with for the rest of your life. He is the one you'd die for.

Arthur is the name for a guy who will probably be the most amazing person you will ever meet in your life. He is intelligent, funny, sweet, caring, has beautiful eyes, dresses to kill, also his smile could make the strongest of hearts melt.
His music taste is just incredible and he always knows how to lighten the mood.
He is also known as The black panther .
-Hey Arthur lets go out
-Sorry bro i have lessons to study(goes out with different people)
by August 16, 2018
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Has the heart of a fucking lion, probably one of the sweetest guys ever, so fucking cute, he's a full meal,
Strong willed as fuck, Beautiful, Wishing i had you all to myself Arthur
by CageSage March 25, 2019
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Arthur has a very cool, funny, awesome personality. He tries to make you smile every minute of the day. He will never let you feel down. once you get know know him, you will become best friends, but when you become close friends, you will become his sister/brother!
Your the best bro ever Arthur!
by Just_live_life January 05, 2020
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Arthur is the most sexy smoking hot dude you’ll ever meet He has the best sex out of everyone you’ll ever meet ,
and his penis is huge.

Reject him at your own risk.
Personal 1 : Where is Tracy she hasn’t been here all night

person 2: She left with Arthur she has no but virginity
by Arthur Da G November 09, 2019
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A fucking badass cowboy who can carry 60 guns on him at a time
I have a goddamn PLAN Arthur
by Masterm421 September 03, 2020
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He is so gorgeous like stunning, beautiful eyes, and thick curly hair that makes you swoon, he’s so sweet, a bit reserved but in the most charming way, very funny, and caring, ughh arthur
Not many Arthur’s around, I want him forever
by Hatethegenuinepls February 21, 2019
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