Something that consummately hits the spot.
Lauren: That beach was hitting. Obvi. Natch. Hella.
by Tim Field September 12, 2007
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Bro I was hitting those niggas in the dice game, straight robbery.
by Sir Swaggy May 31, 2019
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eating chocolate as a guilty pleasure as a reference to ‘a punch to your gut’ since the weight is gained in the stomach
Amelia cheated her diet by hitting the chocolate candy.”
by lougsnsjan February 14, 2019
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trying to get someone to like you by flirting with them
dude i think shes hittin on me should i ask her out ?
by James May 15, 2005
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The back-at-cha laugh.
And so, hit-hit, guess our smackdowned little man is gonna have to find some other bag to make a livelihood from. Domineering or what. His baby, not mine!
by Milt Alwin November 1, 2011
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To have sex with, usually on a regular basis.
Bob: I'm hanging out with Lauren Today
Joe: You should probably be hitting that.
Bob: I probably should.
by Georgie Porgie September 9, 2005
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