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Chelsea is the name of a kind, heartwarming, and beautiful person. Chelsea is the name of someone that at first may seem shy, but once you get to know her, she is absolutely amazing. Chelsea's often may not realize how amazing, smart, kind, and beautiful they truly are. Everyone should have a Chelsea in their lives.
Boyfriend: I think we should break up
Girlfriend: but why?
Boyfriend: I need someone that stands out from the rest. I need a Chelsea,
by CLVLND June 23, 2018
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the most amazing friend you could ever have! a chelsea would always have your back no matter how bad the situation is.

she/he is extremely smart, funny, kind and is willing to help with everything. although sometimes there are times when chelsea could flip her/his personality.

chelsea doesn't like being complimented and denies it at all times wether if its true or not. chelsea can also become very harsh at sometimes and it may feel like that they wanna murder you.

but in the end a friend named Chelsea is a great friend, and you need to keep them for the rest of your life <3
dan: omg who is that girl there?
tyler: oh that's chelsea, she is so amazing!
by uwuwuwuwuwuwuw October 17, 2019
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the best fucking team in the universe chelsea is going to win the champions league as there fresh and the best
chelsea is fresh ya,
by AbdulChickenKiev May 30, 2019
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Chelsea is an amazing girl with an amazing personality she is one of a kind. Chelsea is a very sweet and shy girl when you first meet her but when shes with the people she loves she goes crazy. A chelsea is a quite unique girl who is very trustworthy and she loves hanging out with friends and family, she is a cute , chubby and dark haired girl if you ever have her as a girlfriend you better treat her right and she is very prtective over her partner and will fight any one who hurts them or thier feelings.
Chelsea can be annoying she loves rap music and is very good with young children and babies .
guess what Blake and chelsea are dating.
by Dictionary@ April 07, 2019
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a fun person who is successful and brings a smile to every encounter..
Why can't you be a Chelsea? You are always so glum.
by jonathanpk March 28, 2014
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She has an amazing smile with a huge heart! Any guy that is with her is tremendously lucky and should be thankful:)
Amazing, smart, intelligent, true, chelsea
by Ericooo559 August 17, 2011
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