Calm, even when facing pressure
Happy to lead any creature
Extremely talented, does everything to the best of her ability
Loves to be left alone and does not makes a scene
She's an amazing ray of sunshine

Exceptionally smart and she's so fine
And read the first letter of each line
Dude 1: I'm thinking of going out with this Angel
Dude 2: Oh yeah, which one?
Dude 1: Chelsea
Dude 2: Call her Chels, she'll love that
by Phil__Shady November 12, 2020
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She is a badass bitch. She loves colour and is all about highlighters. Don’t mess with her because she can go from 0 to 100 real quick, but other than that she is great to talk to has the best advice and is loyal. Don’t fuck with a Chelsea. Because she has some many great secrets about you. She knows everyone’s secrets but never tells anyone. She loves to argue, and she is very opinionated
She is sooo amazing
Yep, she is a Chelsea
by RainbowBitchAssHoe August 30, 2019
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the most amazing friend you could ever have! a chelsea would always have your back no matter how bad the situation is.

she/he is extremely smart, funny, kind and is willing to help with everything. although sometimes there are times when chelsea could flip her/his personality.

chelsea doesn't like being complimented and denies it at all times wether if its true or not. chelsea can also become very harsh at sometimes and it may feel like that they wanna murder you.

but in the end a friend named Chelsea is a great friend, and you need to keep them for the rest of your life <3
dan: omg who is that girl there?
tyler: oh that's chelsea, she is so amazing!
by uwuwuwuwuwuwuw October 17, 2019
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The most AMAZING people ever, delicious and full of love and sometimes shit. They don't ask a lot they only want to have friends, and yet some still get treated like shit so don't treat my Chelsea like shit or I will hunt you down:)
Damn Chelsea is looking sexy and damn that booty is amazing!
by chelsearedenius May 20, 2015
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One shot of Bacardi Rum chased by a swig of Red Bull, similar to a Jager Bomb.
Look at that chesbian taking Chelsea's and get ham-boned!
by novoprincess April 08, 2013
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A loving girl and doesn’t take any SHIT from anyone ! Chelsea’s can be a pain in the asses somethimes but just make sure u don’t get on her bad side cuz she will fuck u up like shit .chelseas are really funny and a amazing friend to hangout with ! She is super nice ! You need to have a Chelsea in ur life cuz u would be so happy and fall to the ground dying because she will make u laugh so much ! Chelsea is a HUGE bookworm but u can’t stop loving her for that and Chelsea wants to be so smart to get the best education she can ! Go and find a free Chelsea TODAY !
“Hey Chelsea” friend

“Yeah” Chelsea

“You want to be friends” friend

Hell Yeah totally “ Chelsea

“ ok amazing let’s hangout next week” friend

“Ok” Chelsea
by U only live once lmao August 14, 2018
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One amazing chicky. Weird ass, hilarious conversations are pretty much her thing. You could bring up any topic, and she could go on about it forever if she wanted to. Impossible to hate, and has tonnes of friends. Gorgeous girl who I am absolutely jealous of!
Person: That girl over there is laughing her ass off!

Other Person: She must have been talking to a Chelsea.
by imnotverycreative April 15, 2011
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