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Chelsea's are the type of girls who are always taking in people's problems but only gets shit in return, she also believes everyone should be treated fairly which makes her nice to everyone. Chelsea is gorgeous and many people believe so too but she is very insecure about her body. When a Chelsea is with her bestfriends she is sphyco and will often make anyone around her laugh so hard and she has a unique laugh . No one can resist her beauty and anyone who knows her well enough will not want to ever let her go Chelsea's can be annoying at times but LOVES having deep conversations with people she is close too. Chelsea is a very popular girl that everyone comes to for advice on things because she is super trustworthy and is usually an outstanding girlfriend who loves hugs. Chelsea loves nature and being outside with music.... never ever interrupt her when she is listening to her music because often her music puts her into thinking moods and she hates when people disturb that. She is also a girl who is amazing with young children and babies. Never let go of a Chelsea you will regret it !!
woahh, I'm so lucky to have Chelsea she is the best thing that ever happened to me
by Imogene July 08, 2017
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chelsea is a beautiful girl. She is out going, funny, amazing, weird and probably the best person to be friends with. If you are a friend of a chelsea, be careful because they can put up a fight. Their not the type to physically fight but they have some good comebacks so you better watch out. Over all, a chelsea is an amazing person to be around as they fill the room with happiness and laughter (as they will probably do something stupid). Remember to take a selfie with her as they pull HILARIOUS faces!
person1: look at those girls. It looks as if they are having fun
person2: well yeah of course they are their with chelsea
by black wood March 10, 2017
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She finds the smalles things funny! She always smiles and is in a good mood. She is the quiet one, but if she has something to say, you better believe she says it! She will also stay up very very late, talking about nothing, but everything at the same time!

She is also STARVING all the time!
Trent: Guess what!
Chelsea: Hmmmmmmm, what?
Trent: I said guess!
Chelsea: Uhhh, APPLES!
Trent: No comment......
by Garfeildlovesfood April 05, 2015
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Chelsea is the name of a bizarre and beautiful girl. She is usually very book smart and likes to keep her grades up. Everybody that meets her thinks she's a nice, kind girl who is shy and cares for others... Little do they know. When Chelsea is with her best friends (usually 2 of them) she is wild. She is the life of the party who can get into a deep conversation about space but can also make everybody roll on the ground laughing. She usually like nature and loves the peacefulness of water. She is ready to travel the world and see everything. (She's also ready to travel Mars,Jupiter, and all the stars in the sky)
Keenan: wow who is that I can not stop staring at that beauty
Chloe: but baby don't you love me?
Keenan: you know what? I'm not into common white girls. I need someone different. I need a chelsea.
by Mythicalmermaid January 25, 2015
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Chelsea is a very kind and talented girl with the beauty of a Greek Goddess. She is always supportive and super caring, she can be shy but when you get on her bad side she will show you who's boss. She doesn't tolerate bullying or rudeness. Chelsea is bookworm and loves a good laugh. Chelsea has the voice of an angel and just singing one note can draw you in wanting for more. Her eyes are captivating and her hair is long and thick, and you just want to run your hands through it.

Chelsea is a friend that everybody wants, but not everyone can have, she can be snappy and sometimes annoying and a little irresponsible, but she comes to her senses when you need her.
Everyone should have a Chelsea in your life. She has guys at her feet begging for more. She is always smiling and rarely frowning.

She is down-to-earth and doesn't accept disgraceful behavior and hates when people dis her favorite celebrities or TV shows. If you do, watch out. If you have a Chelsea, don't let her go, her beauty and amazing talents and qualities is what makes her best. Reach for her and get her before it's too late.
Person 1: Hey have you seen Chelsea today?
Person 2: Yeah she looked as beautiful as ever
Person 1: I know, I am going to ask her out
Person 2: Not if I beat you too it!
by LachowskiLover February 19, 2015
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Quiet lady at first. has beautiful eyes that are stunning. however, Chelsea's can be a bitch if you make them mad. They can make you regret it. Chelsea's are good friends and believe in nobody being alone. Friend a Chelsea today. Just don't make her mad, then you'll regret it.
Hey your eyes are beautiful you must be Chelsea!
by JustTheTruth22 January 11, 2013
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A very great girl that can not say the word synonym. She has beautiful eyes and a very nice smile. Chelsea will say she can sing good but will never prove it. She's fun to talk to, although she will call you a shithead at least 10 times a day. Chelsea is very nice, caring and an all around great girl.

She is also very good looking!
Chelsea funny cute
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